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ORION empfiehlt Vibroägg med trådlös fjärrkontroll "Silky"


The toy that every erotic toy box should have. Can be used individually or together as a couple. Mer

Färg: turkos

ABS mit PU-Überzug
8 cm
3,3 cm
2 x AAA 1 x LR27A
Batterier medföljer


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  • Vaginal

Although a vibro-bullet is small, it shouldn´t be underestimated: this little bundle of energy livens up everyone´s sex life. This vibro bullet version can become a constant companion because a small remote control makes sure that fun can be had whenever and wherever. It can be used when going shopping in the supermarket, going for a stroll or even in the cinema, while HE is engrossed in an action scene. The vibrations can be activated at any time and the naughty little secret can be enjoyed with a cheeky smile.

It becomes even more exciting if someone else uses the remote control. This way the wearer never knows when the sudden waves of pleasure will start. Self-control is needed until a quiet place can be found and the pleasure can take over. The small vibro-wonder isn´t just for outdoor use, it can also be used at home e.g. cuddled up in a feather bed. There are lots of possible ways of creatively using the bullet to stimulate the sensitive pleasure spots.

The Bullet
The vibrating bullet has 10 vibration levels in total from simple but effect vibrations right up to wild pulsations. Thanks to its velvety soft smooth surface, the 8 cm small toy can be inserted into vaginal or anal depths with ease. It can be enjoyed fully when used with lubricant. A 10 cm long retraction loop means that the pleasure-giving bullet can be removed at any time. The diameter is approx. 3.3 cm which is exactly the right measurement for anal experiments with HIM or HER or for a natural feeling for her of being ´filled´.

The Remote Control
The remote control without an annoying cable means that there is maximum freedom and it can be stored away quickly. The handy small remote control fits in all trouser pockets, handbags, the front seat passenger’s door, etc. A small cover with dots makes sure that the control sits securely in the hand in the heat of the moment and after use the cover can be pushed over the buttons. This prevents the vibrations from starting unintentionally or that the types of vibrations change. The snap hook means that the remote control can be inconspicuously attached to the keys and is therefore, always ready to be used.

10 vibrations levels. With remote control. Vibro-bullet 8 cm long, Ø approx. 3.3 cm. Material: ABS with a PU coating, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. Batteries included.

Vibroägg med trådlös fjärrkontroll "Silky"

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